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So much to tell, actually. We officially have a director of…

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So much to tell, actually.

We officially have a director of submission advertising and internet design. Her name is Renee MacDonald, and she now has two unpaid jobs in publishing; all we need now is a publication! Due to her position we will soon have a MySpace account which I am told will make us internet-awesome. As soon as this becomes available to view I will certainly post the information here.

Also, have a lead on start-up funding with a grant so big I could work only at making the magazine over the summer and maybe even print in full colour. I will be working on the proposal this weekend and will keep everyone updated.

Our "friends" doubled over night to bring the grand total to FOUR, a fact which I believe is telling of a promising future. Just think what will happen if membership doubles every day! There's a story about a man and grains of rice that explains exponential phenomenon...so hopefully our organization will multiply like grains of rice.

Please, as always, send submissions and tell friends about us so that they may do the same. There isn't an ongoing anthology without ongoing content and all the work printed can't be by me or it will be the worst, most boring, most failed "collaborative" effort ever. Please also remember that this magazine is for practically anything, does not have to be particularly feminist but rather just about, by or for women. And on that note, I have made the hasty decision of changing the email address of the magazine to slow.train.mag@gmail.com. Yes, this is after I have already sent out the poster to many people, however, the other email address still exists, so there probably won't be too much of an issue. Let's hope anyway...

Hope everyone is well,
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On 14th November 2006 04:47 (UTC), danger_ranger commented:
haha...oh well it made an actual URL that was some emo dudes page.
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