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Slow · Train · Project

An Ongoing Anthology of Feminism

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Hello Everyone,
SlowTrain debuts next Saturday and we are still a little light on submissions. Please send everything you've ever created to:
By Wednesday May 9th

The website will be up and running (hopefully) by Sunday but definitely in time for the big debut.

Look forward to receiving your work!

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On 12 May, 2007 (that's less than a month away) we would really love to have something put together as a promotional issue of Slow Train (not an official first issue) for the indie media festival which is taking place in Slow Train's home town. Short notice. Eeeeep. Where do you come in? We need content. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Tell everyone, submit everything, do everything you can to help un-derail the Slow Train Project. You know how Smoky Bear always said "Only you can prevent forest fires" and that seemed like a lot of responsibility for just one person until you realized that he was talking to everyone? Well, in this case, seriously only you can help make Slow Train Project and that is a lot of responsibility but I know your up to it. Tell your friends! Tell your arch nemisis! Pull out that bad poetry! Scan those doodles! Polish up that essay! Also, instead of posting, you can email any submission directly to slowest.train@gmail.com
Thank you in advance to anyone who submits anything or tells someone about what we are trying to do here.
As always, the revolution is coming, it's just taking the Slow Train.
* * *
You may be wondering...where did it all go? Wasn't there going to be new dedication and excitement. Well, there will be, as soon as school work is done.
FYI: There will be a co-author of the parent posts, a wonderful compatriot named Andrea Mahon. So, you can look forward to two posts from each of us every month, alternating weeks. We hope to have our very own dot com address come May, when all the madness is over and we can rededicate our lives to the unmasking of systemic patriarchy and subjugation of women. (Can I get an "amen"?)

Similarly, anyone wishing to post pro-women art, letters, blogs, opinions, photographs,comics, musings, observations,dance steps, posters, pamphlets, etc., can and ought post anytime!

A good day to you all.

* * *
Still Not Fair, Jane Eyre:
Analysis of the Anti-Feminist Sentiments in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

Read more...Collapse )

For the first little while, you will find in brackets at the bottom of each parent post an unexhaustive list of some topics which you might wish to consider or address in your response.
(critique of post, feminist literary analysis, 1st wave feminism, other critiques of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte, marraige, objectification of women, feminine ideals, etc....)
* * *
Well readers, it has been a while since anything on the Slow Train front has changed.
Now: change, change and nothing but change.
A complete overhauling of the project.
Please read the community info page for information regarding the new direction Slow Train is taking and watch for the first parent post coming tomorrow evening (even though it is not a Sunday).
Your continued support and interest has not gone unnoticed and hopefully you will all contribute often in the new format.

Don't forgot to tell all of your friends that the revolution is coming and that it is taking the Slow Train!

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Well, what can be said? Everything has been on hiatus for a while due to school work. However, this is now almost over for the term and things are starting to move forward again. First order of business: have decided to start a feminist club at my school as an effort to start a feminist club but also get a base for the magazine. (The school provides money to clubs to help achieve their mandated goals) Hopefully this becomes as fruitful as I plan on it being as opposed to being a waste of time. We shall see.
Meanwhile, still no submissions, which is very sad and a tad taxing though admittedly no one has been able to work as hard at getting word out as they would like to because of term papers etc. We still all have high hopes and have not forgotten about what we are trying to do.
* * *
The word is getting out now. It may be hard to tell, but there are a lot of people helping to shape Slow Train. Perhaps it won't be long now. It is interesting to be in the midst of something which is actually happening, not just ought to be happening. Have been put in contact with a graphic designer right here in London and what it is more, from within my very hallowed halls of learning; she is
apparently keen to see what she can do for us.

Sadly, while interest is high, actual physical submission total is still at zero . I feel this is mainly due to the current post-secondary student nature of Slow Train. With the passing of midterms, we hope to experience a burgeoning of participation. Soon the MySpace page will be fully functioning and we plan to have posters and leaflets available for download so that everyone who chooses to do so, will be able to distribute information in their own communities. As always, your continued participation through "word-of-mouth" advertising and general support is greatly appreciated.

Vive le revolution, my friends.


p.s. I am toying with the concept of creating a survey website, linked to the magazine, for people to use in order to rate their post-secondary institutions/classes as far as pro-feminist content is concerned. What do you all think?
* * *
So much to tell, actually.

We officially have a director of submission advertising and internet design. Her name is Renee MacDonald, and she now has two unpaid jobs in publishing; all we need now is a publication! Due to her position we will soon have a MySpace account which I am told will make us internet-awesome. As soon as this becomes available to view I will certainly post the information here.

Also, have a lead on start-up funding with a grant so big I could work only at making the magazine over the summer and maybe even print in full colour. I will be working on the proposal this weekend and will keep everyone updated.

Our "friends" doubled over night to bring the grand total to FOUR, a fact which I believe is telling of a promising future. Just think what will happen if membership doubles every day! There's a story about a man and grains of rice that explains exponential phenomenon...so hopefully our organization will multiply like grains of rice.

Please, as always, send submissions and tell friends about us so that they may do the same. There isn't an ongoing anthology without ongoing content and all the work printed can't be by me or it will be the worst, most boring, most failed "collaborative" effort ever. Please also remember that this magazine is for practically anything, does not have to be particularly feminist but rather just about, by or for women. And on that note, I have made the hasty decision of changing the email address of the magazine to slow.train.mag@gmail.com. Yes, this is after I have already sent out the poster to many people, however, the other email address still exists, so there probably won't be too much of an issue. Let's hope anyway...

Hope everyone is well,
* * *
Hello Friends,
Some things that Slow Train currently needs:
+logo design help
+creative suggestions

if you can help with any of these, please leave a message or email slowest.train@gmail.com

Ta Ra


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