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Slow Train Project

An Ongoing Anthology of Feminism

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Slow Train Project is an attempt to create an ongoing anthology of feminist discourse. The project currently consists of two parts:

1. the Blog: (Slow Train Blog)
Every Sunday a new post will be made by user danger_ranger (aka Ashley Houghton). The post will be an opinion or academic paper, poem, short story, play, book review, etc., pertaining to some feminist issue. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to comment on this post with a somewhat related opinion, paper, poem, short story, play, book review, drawing, comic, painting, photograph, etc.

2. the Zine: (Slow Train Mag)
Each month or so, some of the work posted to the Blog will be compiled into zines that will be distributed locally in London, Ontario as well as eventually through subscription. The goal: to create a cross-section of pro-feminist thought, to slowly couple together railcars of ideas into one slow train of social progress. (Please only post by commenting on parent posts made by danger_ranger or other guest blogger, anything not posted in comment form will be removed and reposted as an anonymous comment, credited to author within the body of the comment)

We want:
Works that are by, for or about women/feminism.
Works that possess a pro-feminist, pro-women attitude.
Female and male perspectives.

We don't want:
Anti-women or anti-feminist content.
Intolerant attitudes toward any group of people.

The Nitty Gritty:
Any comment with an LJ account or email address attached to it will be considered for publication unless otherwise stated within the post. No anonymous post without an email address included in the body of the comment will be considered for publication. The author of all entries selected for publication will be contacted for permission and will be eligible to receive free copies of the zine issue in which they are published. All text-based entries will be edited for grammatical correctness prior to publication. Anyone wishing to submit something for publication outside of the Blog environment may do so via email:


or regular post:

Slow Train Project
268 Maitland St
London, ON
N6B 2Y4

All submissions sent through alternative means will be posted to the Slow Train Blog under a related thread unless otherwise requested the author. Work submitted through post can be returned if sent along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a request to do so. All works published in Slow Train Blog or Slow Train Mag remain the property of the author and cannot be reproduced without permission of the author. All parent posts made by "danger_ranger" are the property of Ashley Houghton, unless otherwise stated, and cannot be reproduced without permission of the author. Anyone found to be claiming work by another author, taken from Slow Train Blog and/or Slow Train Mag, to be their own (plagiarism) will be banned from the community in addition to any other possible or necessary consequence of plagiarizing (eg. contacting the offender's academic institute and informing them of the offence if submitted for course credit). Similarly, anyone found to be posting work by another author without permission, whether claiming it as their own or not will be banned from the community in addition to any other possible or necessary consequence of plagiarism. Any post with excessive lack of proper documentation of sources for quotations or statistics will be saved to an MSWord file, deleted, and remain avaiable to the author for inclusion of citation and re-posting.

Mostly, participation is key to this project. Say anything, say everything, say it often. Posting to older threads is encouraged; new posts to older threads will still be considered for publication in Slow Train Mag. And don't forget, you can comment in response to others' comments, not just to the parent post.

Coming soon:
Slow Train Project MySpace where progress of the project will be tracked, a manifesto can be read and where a record of donations, funding and spending will be kept.
A mechanism through which donations can be made to the Slow Train Project via the internet.
Secret Mystery Guest Blogger!
Downloadable leaflets to distribute amongst friends to encourage membership/readership.
Subscription to Slow Train Mag.
a dot com blog!

Currently Needed:
A logo.
Members spreading the word about the Slow Train Project to increase membership/readership.

Think you can help make the Slow Train Project better?

Email slow.train.blog@gmail.com with any and all suggestions.