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A Call To Arms

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On 12 May, 2007 (that's less than a month away) we would really love to have something put together as a promotional issue of Slow Train (not an official first issue) for the indie media festival which is taking place in Slow Train's home town. Short notice. Eeeeep. Where do you come in? We need content. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Tell everyone, submit everything, do everything you can to help un-derail the Slow Train Project. You know how Smoky Bear always said "Only you can prevent forest fires" and that seemed like a lot of responsibility for just one person until you realized that he was talking to everyone? Well, in this case, seriously only you can help make Slow Train Project and that is a lot of responsibility but I know your up to it. Tell your friends! Tell your arch nemisis! Pull out that bad poetry! Scan those doodles! Polish up that essay! Also, instead of posting, you can email any submission directly to slowest.train@gmail.com
Thank you in advance to anyone who submits anything or tells someone about what we are trying to do here.
As always, the revolution is coming, it's just taking the Slow Train.
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