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The word is getting out now. It may be hard to tell, but there are a…

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The word is getting out now. It may be hard to tell, but there are a lot of people helping to shape Slow Train. Perhaps it won't be long now. It is interesting to be in the midst of something which is actually happening, not just ought to be happening. Have been put in contact with a graphic designer right here in London and what it is more, from within my very hallowed halls of learning; she is
apparently keen to see what she can do for us.

Sadly, while interest is high, actual physical submission total is still at zero . I feel this is mainly due to the current post-secondary student nature of Slow Train. With the passing of midterms, we hope to experience a burgeoning of participation. Soon the MySpace page will be fully functioning and we plan to have posters and leaflets available for download so that everyone who chooses to do so, will be able to distribute information in their own communities. As always, your continued participation through "word-of-mouth" advertising and general support is greatly appreciated.

Vive le revolution, my friends.


p.s. I am toying with the concept of creating a survey website, linked to the magazine, for people to use in order to rate their post-secondary institutions/classes as far as pro-feminist content is concerned. What do you all think?
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